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At Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor, we teach Wisdom: Putting Knowledge into Action




The most important secret in self-defense has nothing to do with kicking and punching!

The truth is that in Ann Arbor any good martial art school can teach you to kick and punch. It takes a true martial arts academy to give you the skills you need to create success in every part of your life.

We have helped thousands of students through our kids martial arts, our family martial arts programs and our adult self-defense lessons. We are located in Ann Arbor, but we have helped students from Ypsilanti, Saline and the entire Washtenaw County area.

Karate for kids helps children become stronger, smarter, healthier and more successful, and we’ve been doing that for over 12 years! All this time, we have been in the same Ann Arbor location helping people make better decisions by developing critical life skills through martial arts training

Think about it, are you or your child more likely to be physically attacked, or psychologically abused?

Are you more likely to be mugged by a stranger, or manipulated and pressured into bad choices by your peers?

Which are you more likely to have stolen, your money by a thief or your dreams by those who say “No, you can’t”?

Martial arts training at Quest Martial Arts can:

  • Guide you to becoming the very best you can be

  • Teach you how to set and achieve your goals

  • Develop the “Yes, I Can!” mindset that is so critical to success in life

  • Help you discover your true and powerful self that so many of us don’t have access to

Karate for kids program

Ann Arbor karate for kids classes are the best in the area. We hear it all the time! You child will learn:

  • Self defense

  • Self-discipline

  • Focus

  • Respect

All in a fun and appropriately challenging community

Family martial arts program

families love Ann Arbor family martial arts classes. We teach the same core skills as our karate for kids program, but you can train with your son or daughter, mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. We have many families training together. Some of the benefits they tell us they get are:

  • A closer knit family

  • A common vocabulary for working through issues at home

  • A common bond through those difficult teenage transition years

  • Serious quality time together

  • Serious fun the whole family can enjoy!

When was the last time EVERYONE in the family enjoyed a family function?

Self defense program

All of our programs are based on the ancient ninja martial art of ninjutsu. It has been cited as the most effective martial art in the world by the Discovery Channel program “Fight Science”
Our self defense classes are based on real life attacks. When you walk out of one of our classes you will have an “out of the box” techniques to defeat any attacker. You will learn:

  • Specific defenses from the most common attacks

  • Core principles that you can use effectively

  • How to use these principles in every area of your life (career, workplace, school, relationships)

  • How to use very little effort to achieve massive results

I wish I had access to this information as a child. We believe that everyone should be able to learn these powerful, yet simple secrets to creating an amazing life!

If you live in the Ann Arbor area and you want to make your life or your child’s life all it can be then come train with us at Quest Martial Arts. You will learn to unleash the amazing person that you are, but may have been afraid to embrace.

Call or come in today to begin the martial arts training that you know can make a major difference for you or your child.

Begin to learn at Ann Arbor’s best martial art school today! Quest Martial Arts

Call 734-332-1800 or click here and one of our master team members will call to schedule your first class!

We are proud to congratulate Mr. Copeland for passing his Godan (5th degree) test in Japan! He is now a Shidoshi (teacher of teachers). Shidoshi Copeland trained with Ninja Grandmaster Maasaki Hatsumi and the highest ranking Shihan for 26 hours over 9 days.

Below is a video of others taking the sakki test for Godan rank. NOTE: In this video some people do not pass and it is a painful experience emotionally AND physically. So if you do not want to see someone get a bump on the head, do not watch this video. By the way, Shidoshi Copeland passed the first time!

Tip Of the Week:

If you are meeting resistance become flexible.
Adults AND children tend to "dig in" and become stubbornly dedicated to their position. they come to see their solution as the "only" solution.
Try this, whenever you feel yourself becoming tense, consciously think about a different approach you can use. For example, if you are trying to give the facts to someone and they just "aren't getting it" then try asking them questions about how they think you should do it, what do they see as an option, where you can both go to get a different perspective or how they think things might turn out if you did what you are suggesting.
This "pulls" the thing they are resisting (you) away and causes them to become "unstuck". Kind of like when you lean on something that you expect to be rigid and suddenly it moves. You must re-group and consider new options.
Try it and let us know how it works for you!

Don't live close to our dojo? Then get our ninja training techniques and learn online!

Life Skills:


Building confidence

Confidence is a cornerstone of creating the life you want. If your child is to have a secure and happy life then self-confidence is critical.


3 keys to building your or your child’s confidence:

  1. Catch them doing something right. We live in a society that catches people doing the wrong things, making mistakes or just not getting it right. Notice when you, or someone you love does something right.
  2. Celebrate successes. We are so focused on “the next thing” that we hardly take time to notice when we or someone we love does something well.
  3. Try more things as a results of success. If you or your child has had success then go ahead and try something new. Success can then build upon success.



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