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Adult Martial arts Program in Ann Arbor

We live in an increasingly competitive world. Personal growth is not an option, it is mandatory!

Change happens rapidly and many of us feel like we get left behind. We set goals and often don’t know how to attain them, or even how to just follow through. In today’s marketplace those who understand how to change, adapt and use all their resources are the ones who will create the life they desire.

How do you measure success? Career advancement? Better and more meaningful relationships? Are your relationships fulfilling and do these people truly support you in your effort to be the best you that you know you can be? Are you experiencing the level of success that you want?

How is your level of fitness? Are you as flexible as you would like to be, in your body AND your mind? One measure of how fit you are (and how long and well you will live) is your muscle tone and your body fat content. How is yours?

At Quest Martial Arts we help you become the best possible version of you. We help you become stronger, in your body, mind and spirit.

We help you get your body functioning at a peak level so it is not limiting your mind by being sluggish and having distracting body aches like back pain. And we help you get your mind cooperating with your body by being more focused and decisive so you make better decisions, like getting your body moving so it can be in peak state.

We have been professionals in human performance, personal improvement and peak potential for almost twenty years! We have time tested human behavior and personal improvement systems that educate you and challenge you.

We all need a coach. We have helped thousands of individuals create the results they really want on their lives.

We do this by:
Meeting you where you are (we all have different needs, abilities and obstacles)
Having a solid, supportive community (everyone loves coming in for their classes)
Giving you easy to understand but deeply important principles, tools and techniques for success
We have a “Mind Science” curriculum that is designed to give you life skills you really need
We have the best self defense system available anywhere that will sky rocket your confidence
We train you on goals, goal setting, goal attainment and perseverance
Best of all, IT IS A TON OF FUN!

Do you have the life that you really want? Could you ask and get more from your life than you are getting now?

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